Above Wrist

Mid Forearm


Above Elbow








All bridal rates above covers henna designs on both hands (front & back) and both feet till ankle.

Rates above are estimates only & excludes transport charges. Actual rates quoted may vary depending on intricacy, design elements, coverage and length.

For a more accurate quote, contact us directly via WhatsApp.

All bridal packages include the following Complimentary items:

Finger & Toe Cappings (optional)

Henna Aftercare Card,

Henna Aftercare Balm

Henna Sealant Application

50% Deposit is required to secure your appointment.

We take appointments based on first come, first serve basis.

Excluded from rates above (surcharge applicable):

Transport Fee

50% Hengua

100% Hengua

White Henna

Jagua Gel

Wrap & Dressing of Henna

**Last minute cancellations or delay in start of appointments, may result in withholding of deposit or may incur surcharges. **

We seek & thank your kind understanding.