Jagua Gel Cone (10g)

Jagua Gel Cone (10g)


Jagua gel, also known as jagua ink gives you a dark blue stain like a tattoo without the commitment to a real one forever or the discomfort of having to get one. Change your design everytime or retrace your current one. Let your creativity guide you. We discourage the use of Jagua gel if you have sensitive skin.


  • A potent gel paste that stains the skin dark blue.
  • Made with all natural ingredients.
  • Each cone comes closed with a fine pin.
  • Use immediately for best stain results.
  • Jagua Gel is a perishable product. Freeze cones immediately when you receive, if not in use.
  • Can store in freezer up to 1 year.



  • Jagua Gel Powder (Genipa Americana Fruit, Xanthan Gum)
  • Sugar
  • Eucalyptus Essential Oil
  • Rose Water


Our products are solely for external use only. This product is for the body only and should not be used on the face or ingested. If it comes into contact with the eyes or ingested, please contact your doctor. Despite being a 100% natural product, it is not suitable for everyone. With any natural product there is a risk of allergic reaction. We cannot guarantee you will not have an allergic reaction to our products. Use at your own risk. Always test on a small patch of skin before attempting a larger design. If an allergic reaction does occur, e.g. a rash (even after a couple of days), wash the gel off immediately and consult a doctor. 


We discourage the use of our products on people with sensitive skin, dermatitis, eczema, or similar conditions. We particularly discourage the use of Hengua & Jagua gel in case of fruit allergies, sensitive skin, eczema, G6PD or similar conditions. 


Artists should always inform the client of the information provided on this website. Keep products out of the reach of small children. We recommend adult supervision with children under the age of 18. 


Disclaimer: Goddess by GG, it's employees, this website (i.e. https://www.goddessbygg.com), and any company or individual affiliated with us are not responsible for any damages or personal injury as a result of use, misuse and / or unauthorized distribution of this product.


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