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you are accepting all our terms & conditions.

Booking of Appointment and Payment Details

  • The client must make a 50% deposit and receive confirmation from the henna artist to confirm their appointment. Deposit details will be provided by the henna artist upon request to confirm appointment.

  • Balance payable must be paid directly to the henna artist before or immediately after the appointment either in cash or via Paynow. Delay in payment will not be entertained.

  • Not paying or refusing to make full/balance payment will result the henna artist to take action (to be decided by the henna artist).


Change of Appointment, Location, etc

  • If the client needs to change the date and/or time of appointment, he/she needs to inform the henna artist at least 2 months in advance. If the henna artist is unable to accommodate the change in date, a full refund will be done. If the client does not inform the change of date 2 months in advance and the henna artist is unable to accommodate, it will be considered as a cancellation of appointment/service and the cancellation terms will take effect (see below under cancellations) & the client will need to find their own replacement henna artist.

  • If the client needs to change the time to start the appointment (on the date agreed upon), he/she must inform the henna artist at least 24 hours in advance. Accepting the change is subject to approval based on whether the henna artist is able to accommodate the change in time.

  • If the client needs to change the location of the appointment, he/she needs to inform the henna artist at least 24 hours in advance. If the client did not inform about this change and the henna artist goes to the wrong location, the client will cover the additional transport fee and incur a delay fee of $30.


Delays & Other Surcharges

  • All appointments have a 20 minutes grace period from the time booked. Any delay to begin appointment after 20 minutes thereafter, the client will incur a late fee of $30 for every 30 minutes delayed.

  • Appointments that begin before 8am will incur an early hour service charge of $40.

  • Appointments that begin after 9pm will incur an after hour service charge of $40.


  • Cancellations for any reason 2 months before the appointment will result the client to forfeit 50% of the deposit.

  • Cancellations for any reason 1 month before the appointment will result the client to forfeit 100% of the deposit.

  • If the henna artist has to cancel the appointment due to any reason, 100% of the deposit will be refunded to the client. The henna artist will do their best to either replace or recommend another henna artist for the appointment. If the henna artists finds the replacement, the client and replacement artist will converse directly in terms of design, rates, etc. Pricing of each henna artist is different, therefore any change in price needs to be discussed directly between the client and the replacement henna artist. Any change in price needs to be covered by the client.


  • Henna appointment must be held in private room with only the henna artist and the client. Client can allocate only one person to help.

  • Mask must be worn when getting your henna done.

  • Do not crowd around the henna artist even with mask on.

  • You must declare if you or anybody who will be present at your venue is unwell,  on SHN, quarantined, or have travelled overseas 14 days prior to the appointment.

  • If an appointment date needs to be changed due to COVID-19 restrictions imposed by the authorities, the artist will offer a one-time change of appointment date subjected to availability of the henna artist.

  • If there are more pax/guests in the household/venue than allowed, as stipulated by government regulations, the henna artist reserves the right to cancel the appointment immediately, with no refund of deposit and the client will also pay the full payment for the henna appointment.

  • We highly recommend to keep within the no. of visitors allowed at the venue as instructed by government officials. If in any case an inspection is done by the authorities and any fine imposed due to not following strict regulations, any & all fines imposed on the henna artist during the appointment or related to the appointment thereafter will be incurred and paid fully by the client. The client will also pay the full payment of the henna appointment if it stopped/cancelled at any point of the appointment.

We reserve the right and may, at any time, and at our sole discretion, modify these Terms and Conditions.

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