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Protective Tattoo Film

Protective Tattoo Film


Waterproof your temporary tattoo ink, gel and/or paste with our protective tattoo film when you swim and shower. Apply only after your henna, hengua or jagua tattoo is completely dry to avoid smudging. 


Cut the film into different shapes and lengths you need.


Protective film must be applied properly without any gaps or air bubbles to ensure proper waterproofing.


Not recommended for:

  • sweaty palms
  • areas with hair
  • sensitive skin
  • people with latex or glue allergies
  • areas which have thick henna, hengua or jagua ink application e.g. finger cappings. It may cause smudging if the paste/ink is not completely dry or when pressure is applied to the area.


Store away from direct sunlight.

Made from: PET backing, PU film, pressure-sensitive glue and release paper.


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